“Helping out in everyway on Tammy set,” the pooch Tweeted

By People Staff
Updated June 17, 2013 06:10 PM

Now that’s a really, wheel-y cute assistant.

On the set of her latest comedy, Tammy, Susan Sarandon is already taking fans behind the scenes with a glimpse at the film’s adorable crew.

“Helping out in everyway on Tammy set,” the actress’s pooch Penny Tweeted Monday, sharing a photo of the canine (hopefully jokingly) driving a truck. Yes, a truck. “Only one more week before we work in Niagra Falls.”

Sarandon’s doggy duo, Penny and sibling Rigby, are no stranger to movie sets – where they love to accompany Mom! – or Twitter.

“She felt after she watched Melancholia that she had to reach out,” Sarandon, 66, joked on an April visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon of why her Pomeranian-Maltese mix decided to create a Twitter account. “She Tweets from where we are.” RELATED: Britney Spears’s Dog Says the Craziest Things … on Twitter