July 19, 2014 07:25 PM

We’re used to celebrities dropping by our offices – but when a fox and an alligator paid us a visit recently, we all went a little wild!

The visit was courtesy of Martin and Chris Kratt, the brothers who star in PBS’s Wild Kratts, an animated children’s series about animals who live in places like jungles and swamplands.

Martin, who held the 7-week-old swift fox and kept stroking him – just like a pet! – told us that the cute and cuddly animal only grows to about the size of a house cat.

So we were kind of shocked to hear that the little guy can run 35 miles an hour. “That’s as fast as a grizzly bear,” said Martin. (Which had us thinking our tabby can run maybe 1 mile an hour, and we’re probably overestimating!)

Chris Kratt, who kept the 7-month-old baby alligator from wriggling out of his hands during the visit, told us that the scaly reptile is a great swimmer with a powerful mouth. “It’s full of about 80 teeth. When one tooth gets worn down, another grows in behind it!”

The brothers have a lot more to say on their 26 new episodes starting this month, plus they’ve got upcoming specials on extinct animals and swamp creatures and the first-ever Wild Kratts book comes out on July 22.

Watch the fox and the alligator face the cameras during their visit to the PEOPLE studio!

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