The Daily Treat: Watch What Happens When a Kangaroo Holds Court at the PEOPLE Offices

Ingrid the gray kangaroo stole our hearts – and any ounce of productivity we had left on a Thursday morning

They may not be king of the jungle, but to us, kangaroos have a certain mystical quality – like that of Kanye, Kim or any K-named celeb for that matter.

So, when National Geographic asked us if they could bring a gray kangaroo to our New York City offices to promote their new special Urban Jungle (airing Aug. 3 at 9 p.m.), we were more than happy (hoppy?) to oblige.

Her name was Ingrid and she definitely stole our hearts – and any ounce of remaining productivity we had on a Thursday morning. As she hopped down our halls with a GoPro camera, hordes of people gathered to catch a glimpse, a selfie, or any other evidence that the Australian native was actually on the 29th floor of our usually quiet office building.

When we weren’t wandering around with camera phones like wallabies (the kangaroo’s cousin), we learned amazing facts from Ingrid’s sidekick, animal expert Boone Smith: Animals just like Ingrid are invading urban jungles like ours faster than you can say “Crocodile Dundee.”

Did you know a breed of super kangaroos – some up to 7 feet tall and 200 lbs.! – are taking over one of Australia’s lushest golf courses as we speak? Crikey!

Or that New York City is home to over 8 million rats who are having sex up to 20 times a day?! Drop that little nugget at your next dinner party.

Watch Ingrid in action in the video above and tune in to the three-part TV event Urban Jungle on National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild airing Aug. 3 at 9 p.m. ET.

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