Tis the season … to keep your kitty away from your holiday display

By People Staff
Updated December 16, 2013 07:00 PM

The holidays are especially hard on cats. People are constantly trying to cover you in gift wrap and put a santa hat on your perfectly fluffy little head. It’s not like you can drown your sorrows in eggnog lattes, either. You’re just lucky if the humans remembered to buy you your own stocking this year, and even then, you’re just going to get catnip, again.

Heed our warning: This video (watch above) is what happens when it all becomes a little too much to handle. When the jingle bells no longer rock. When just the scent of a peppermint candle … we can’t even.

A really desperate kitty might see the Christmas tree as a place of refuge, much like the inside of a box or the spot on the couch that needs to be scratched at all times. It’s also the enemy. And it will be destroyed.

Or maybe it’s just really fun to climb the Christmas tree? If you’re a cat reading this, please confirm or deny in the comments below.