There's only so many photos you can pose for before you need a minute to yourself

Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber and more stars have taken to the press to voice their ire with the paparazzi – and this little guy knows just how they feel.

Tily, a 2-month-old Bengal tiger cub, was just looking to enjoy an afternoon to himself in his enclosure at the Fundacién Refugio Salvaje animal refuge in San Salvador on Thursday. Instead, he had to spend it fending off photographers looking to snap shots of his adorable mug.

While we have to admit, we’d be tempted to click some mementos of our own if we got anywhere near Tily and that purr-recious face, the cub had its own ideas about how to best handle the impromptu photo shoot – with his teeth.

Count your blessings, Hollywood: at least a celebrity can never threaten to eat you. RELATED: Tiger Surprises Woman in the Bathroom