Chris P. Bacon was born with deformed hind legs, but that hasn’t stopped him from moving on up in the world

June 11, 2013 09:30 PM

We all could really (wheel-y!) learn a thing or two from this pig.

Despite being born with malformed hind legs, 6-month-old Chris P. Bacon just rolls with it in a pseudo-wheelchair crafted by his owner, Dr. Len Lucero. The pig was brought to the vet, who resides in Sumterville, Fla., in December after his mother had rejected him and withheld milk due to his deformity. But, “he was full of life,” Lucero told The Gainesville Sun. “He had a good heart rate and the attitude of a normal pig.”

Since being taken in, Chris has also become a viral sensation thanks to YouTube videos posted by Lucero of the piggy in his wheelchair. But the budding star’s latest public appearance on Monday at the University of Florida came on the heels of some more serious news: Chris underwent an operation for a hernia.

“He probably doesn’t even know it. He could care less,” said Dr. Murray Brown, the surgeon operating on Chris, who noted the hernia has not caused Chris any pain. “Potbellied pigs tend to be good-natured.”

Following his recovery, the inspiring infant will jump back into the limelight, with Lucero having recently signed a three-book deal to pen stories about Chris aimed at children 10 years and younger.

“I think his story is multi-modal,” Lucero said. “It’s a story of compassion, overcoming obstacles, inspiration and perseverance.”

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