People Staff
May 07, 2013 06:00 PM

We’ve watched many beautiful friendships blossom over the years – Thelma & Louise, George Clooney and Brad Pitt – but we’re not sure if we’ve ever seen a companionship this cute. (No offense, George and Brad).

Vali the 16-month-old chimp and Bam Bam the 5-month-old grizzly bear made fast friends at Myrtle Beach Safari park, where they put their differences aside to play, cuddle, and more or less, melt our hearts.

The pair were introduced after the South Carolina’s park staff realized they were about the same size. “We got them out there playing on a sunny day, and they went on and on for hours,” said Park owner Bhagavan Antle. “Neither of them wanted to quit.”

After all, not much can slow these buddies down. “They would both lie down and fall asleep at our feet, wake back up and start wrestling again,” added Antle.

And that’s a routine that repeats itself every single day, species aside.

“Bam Bam ultimately has more power,” Antle said, “but Vali tricks him and can constantly get behind him. He will throw things at Bam Bam and run around him in circles.”

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