Adorable baby bats at the Tolga Bat Hospital are swaddled and bottle fed just like human infants

They may go bump in the night, but bats are not as terrifying as horror movies and scary stories make them out to be. In the light, they’re actually pretty darn cute.

Staff of the Tolga Bat Hospital in Atherton, Australia, know all about this cuddly side. They dedicate their lives to caring for and raising abandoned bat pups. Every year, over 300 baby bats are left to fend for themselves after their mothers die of starvation or illness, reports The Daily Mail.

But the Tolga Bat Hospital is doing its best to save as many of these orphaned animals as possible. Volunteers drive many miles to reach the remote baby bat oasis and assist in swaddling, bathing and feeding the animals.

Just like human babies, these mammals love to be wrapped up in a blanket and given a nice bottle of milk.


The Tolga Bat Hospital is also dedicated to the conservation of wild adult bats and their habitats. One of the newer threats affecting the bat population is tick paralysis, an illness spread by hungry ticks that restricts a bat’s ability to fly.

Credit: Tolga Bat Hospital/Facebook

This is one of the many issues that the Tolga Bat Hospital helps its furry little patients fight against. The goal of the animal facility is to rehabilitate all the visiting bats and release them back into the wild, but some bats, like those retired from zoos, live out the rest of their lives under the care of the hospital.


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