January 14, 2014 11:30 PM

It’s time to come clean. Here at PEOPLE Pets, there’s a certain animal kingdom stereotype we’ve sometimes helped promulgate: That cats are jerks.

But in light of new evidence, we’ve decided to amend our stance. Turns out, cats aren’t the only ones who can sometimes make life at home for their owners a living nightmare. Dogs are just as guilty of it. And the ones we’ve brought to your attention below, they might even be doing it on purpose.

The Dog Who Shuts Off Your Alarm Clock

Oh, I’m sorry, did you need to be on time for something?

The Dog Who Steals Your Nuggets

Yeah, the kibble wasn’t really doing it for me, and your lunch was already warmed up.

The Dog That Antagonizes Your Cat

I know you wanted me to share, but that’s not really my style.

The Dog That Will Not Stay Put

You gotta try harder than that if you want me to stay grounded.

Perhaps the real war is not dogs vs. cats, but pets vs. everybody.

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