November 27, 2014 02:45 AM

It’s amazing what a single meatball can do.

A group of adventure athletes from Sweden known as Team Peak Performance found this out during November’s Adventure Racing World Championship. The competition requires participants to endure a 430 mile course – that includes hiking, kayaking, biking and more – through the wilds of the Amazon. During one of their brief breaks on this impressive excursion the four person team happened upon a friendly stray dog and offered the hungry pup a meatball to snack on, reports NPR.

This kind gesture must have meant a lot to the canine, because the dog decided to stay by Team Peak Performance’s side for the rest of the championship. As the quartet trudged through mud and struggled up hills, the dog, who they named Arthur, kept up. Even when the group reached the kayaking portion of the competition, Arthur continued to press on, swimming alongside their boats until the team dragged him aboard.

Team Peak Performance kept their supporters updated on this furry addition through their Facebook page. Arthur quickly developed a fan following of his own.

The five members of Team Peak Performance crossed the finish line together, one on four paws. But Arthur’s story doesn’t end there. Understandably attached to the dog, Mikael Lindnord of Team Peak Performance found a way to bring his new buddy back with him to Sweden. This trip was made possible by a Twitter campaign that helped raise the money.

Arthur is now safely in Sweden. He is currently in dog quarantine for 120 days, but is receiving frequent visits from his teammates. Once his quarantine is complete, Arthur will officially move in with Lindnord.

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