Woody loyally waited for his deceased owner under a shed, until a rescue group saved him

By Amy Jamieson
Updated July 15, 2014 11:45 PM

Woody waited, and then waited some more. He waited so long an entire year passed.

Sadly, the poodle’s owner had died, and his house was sold by family, who left Woody behind to fend for himself.

According to this video produced by the Hope for Paws rescue of Los Angeles, California, the dirty, matted dog sat crouched under a shed for one year, waiting for an owner who would never return. Neighbors were kind enough to bring by food and water for the pooch, as they looked for someone to save him.

When volunteers from Hope for Paws came one day, the desperate dog seemed ready to leave the hole he was calling home – almost like he knew they were trying to help.

Maybe he sensed that happier times were ahead, because indeed they were – including a clean coat, doggy friends, a cozy bed and a forever home, eventually (he’s still available for adoption).

Watch Woody’s transformation from hot mess to happy pup, and click here to contact the shelter for more information about him.

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