Madison the senior cat was missing for two months, before the boys' mother found her near a gas station

Few things tug at the heartstrings more than a happy ending, and the story of Madison the missing cat is one of the furriest and sweetest on the Web right now.

Two months ago, 13-year-old Madison slipped out of her home and couldn’t be found, reports AOL. The cat’s disappearance hit the family’s two boys – ages 9 and 11 – especially hard, because they’ve known Madison their entire lives.

Madison’s worried owners searched fruitlessly for the pet, until mother Sheryl drove by a local Shell gas station and spotted a feline following two girls.

“At first I thought ‘Wow, that looks like Maddie’ and as I glanced again I noticed her fall to the ground and roll trying to get the kids to pet her,” Sheryl writes in the video’s description. “This was a trademark Maddie move! I zipped the car around and ran to her. IT WAS HER!”

“Excited, I called my daughter to tell her the good news,” she continues. “She met me at the door with tears in her eyes. I told her I will be back with the boys and I wanted to surprise them … And the video is them seeing her for the first time in months.”

To surprise her kids with the good news, Sheryl had the boys cover their faces with pillows as Madison was brought into the room. When the boys dropped their blindfolds, there was their beloved cat.

In the video, Sheryl’s sons burst into tears of joy upon seeing Madison and immediately start petting her and pressing their foreheads against the feline’s tiny face.

“I’m so happy,” one of the boys says while openly crying.

The joyous reunion has gone viral, producing tears of understanding from numerous viewers, many of who have left celebratory comments on the clip. We may have needed a few tissues to get through this one too.

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