Plus: Zoo staffers were able to capture a baby penguin hatching on camera

With summer on the way, the penguins are ready to play!

A group of hatchlings born at the Oregon Zoo is on its way to joining the zoo’s Humboldt penguin colony of 18 adults this summer.

The facility has welcomed five little ones over the past few months and even managed to capture one of the baby’s hatchings on camera.

“Usually, we don’t get to see an egg hatch – that happens inside the nest box, underneath the parents,” said Gwen Harris, the zoo’s senior bird keeper, “but we were lucky enough to watch this one.”

In the coming months, the young birds will fledge and emerge from their nest boxes into the penguinarium. They’ll be grayish-brown all over at the start, and will develop the more traditional black-and-white markings of adult Humboldt penguins over the next few years.


To see a baby penguin hatch from its egg, check out the video below: