July 30, 2013 01:00 PM

Look who’s on saaaffaaarrri!

Oprah Winfrey visited Africa’s Serengeti over the weekend and she’s sharing all the details.

Posting stunning photos of her brush with wildlife to her Instagram account, the former talk show host kicked off her trip on July 26 with a “#zebrawelcome,” during which she shared a shot of her and longtime love Stedman Graham standing in the African plains with a group of the black-and-white-striped animals running past in the background.

The next day, Winfrey got up and close and personal with an elephant, a buffalo, two lions and even some giraffes.

“A group of giraffe is called a ‘journey,’” she wrote. “There were 16 of them, couldn’t fit in one shot.”

By Sunday, the star, who appears in the upcoming film The Butler, was ready to return to the United States.

“Gonna eat and run,” she captioned yet another photo featuring zebras, who served as her dining companions this time around.

Let’s just hope she learned from previous safari-goers and kept her windows closed on this journey!

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