Why so serious, Snowy?

We thought we had seen it all when it comes to displeased, unsatisfied and generally non-smiley animals after we came face to face with Grumpy Cat.

But then we saw this cow.

We don’t know why this Highland cow calf, Snowy (who we will affectionately call Grumpy Cow), is so angry. Born to two brown Highland cattle, Snowy’s rare coat of fluffy white fur is something to smile about in itself. Perhaps the grass tasted a little bitter this particular day, or maybe Snowy’s just a little bit upset about the demise of Robsten. (True love exists, we promise!)

Either way, we have a feeling Grumpy Cow and Grumpy Cat would have plenty to commiserate over. VIDEO: Ian Somerhalder: I ‘Almost Stole’ Grumpy Cat