July 23, 2013 03:00 PM

Some dogs can fetch, others play dead, but here’s a trick you probably haven’t seen very often: This dog can fly.

Shadow, an Australian cattle dog, joined his owner, Dan McManus, high in the sky on Monday, accompanying him on a hang gliding flight with a specially made harness.

“He wanted to go along,” McManus told Fox News earlier in July, “and he didn’t really like to see me up there by myself.”

Shadow’s protective nature stems from his training as a psychiatric service animal. McManus suffers from separation anxiety, a condition Shadow helps aid by rarely leaving his side. And no matter the situation, whether on the ground or in the air, he’s taken to it beautifully.

“He’ll put his little paws and arms out around me and hang onto my arm and get right with it,” McManus said. “He shifts his weight. He looks down at the ground. He looks around at the other gliders in the air.”

Though it’s an unconventional talent for a pooch to possess, McManus is not surprised.

“As we always say, home is where the heart is … and I think this is where his heart is,” he said. “He was born to fly.”

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