You're going to want to follow Rafael Mantesso on Instagram after seeing shots of his pup Jimmy Choo

Whenever the Museum of Modern Art needs more masterpieces, Jimmy Choo will be a shoe-in.

The English bull terrier is the subject of the amazing portraits on Rafael Mantesso’s Instagram page, which has garnered nearly 60,000 followers to date.

The 5-year-old dog is capturing the hearts of many with his hilarious poses, including one as an angel, another as a bank robber and one with a bra covering his eyes. It’s hard to believe the whimsical images – which are often accompanied by a cute cartoon drawing by Mantesso – came from something quite sad.

“After my divorce all I had was Jimmy, and blank empty walls. I realized they made a great white canvas background for light-hearted pictures with Jimmy as the star,” Mantesso, 31, of Carangola, Brazil, tells the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

As it turns out, Jimmy Choo’s new role as model is, well, as comfortable as an old shoe. The pup adores being the center of attention, Mantesso says, and his master is happy to shine a spotlight on such a “lovely and inspirational” breed. //

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