A dashing Irish wolfhound named Domhnall gets a wee bit of green from the Duchess of Cambridge

It appears the luck o’ the Irish also extends to the canine kind.

An Irish wolfhound named Domhnall (pronounced Donal), the regimental mascot of the Irish Guards, got up close and personal with the Duchess of Cambridge on Monday at the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration held at Mons Barracks in Aldershot.

And this pooch didn’t push his luck: While the wolfhound is traditionally a shaggy breed, Domhnall’s St. Paddy s Day threads were most definitely not unkempt. The classy canine’s ceremonial jacket comes with the Irish Guards’ uniform brass buttons and a silver necklace.

The dog lover in Middleton – who was dressed in a forest green coat by Hobbs – came out as she pinned luscious shamrock sprigs to the 19-month-old dog’s dashing red tunic with a smile.

The entire affair couldn’t have been more happy-go-lucky – especially since the regimental band played Pharrell Williams’s hit “Happy.” And, when his professional duties were over, Domhnall was ready to celebrate.

“All done and dusted for another year, time to hit the Naffi for a Guinness or two, Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” read a message on the dog’s Facebook page Monday.