To help her rescue pet properly feed, one owner designed an adorable solution

Who says couture can’t be fashionable and practical?

A rescue kitten named Wasabi-chan is proving that statement true after photos of the itty-bitty furball went viral showing her dressed as a mushroom and in other adorable crocheted ensembles.

But the stylish kitty’s purr-recious sartorial selection stemmed from necessity more than vanity. Wasabi-chan was attacked by a crow on June 2, reports Mashable, and suffered a fractured upper jaw and split tongue. She required a catheter to feed, but kept wiggling the tube out of her mouth. Thus, her owner, who goes by the Twitter handle @jessiepon, crafted a series of costumes to keep Wasabi-chan still during feedings.

More than a month later, the bright-eyed furbaby is on the mend, and looking as cute as ever. Here’s hoping there’s a new wardrobe in her future to match! RELATED: Meet the Internet’s Cutest Kitten: Daisy