Not every kitty can pull off a duck costume

We know, we know – you’ve all seen (and fallen in love with!) Taylor Swift’s cat, Meredith.

Now, do a double take: This isn’t the pop singer’s precious puss. Meet Roku, your new favorite Instagram-famous cat, who is bound to hit Swift-level stardom. (Fact: Roku already has more than 125,000 followers – and counting!)

Just when you thought you’ve seen every a-meow-sing kitty on the internet, Roku is here to rock your world (wide web). “I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur,” reads the cat’s Instagram profile description. “I eat rainbows and poop butterflies.”

We have a few things to add to that description. Roku can give you attitude like Grumpy Cat, fly through boxes like Maru and wear a duck costume like it’s fine red carpet attire.

If this triple threat makes it onto your Instagram feed, then you’ll seriously be missing sleep. But if it doesn’t, then you’re seriously missing out. RELATED: Stop What You’re Doing & Follow This Dog on Instagram