Baxter the dog gave his owner a break, and put his pulsing belly to good use

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 26, 2013 06:25 PM

New parents, take note: This is how you get babies to sleep.

More so than any bassinet, what every parent should invest in is a pup like Baxter, the most baby-friendly dog that ever lived. In this amazingly cute Instagram video shared by photographer Gerrard Gethings, 8-week-old son Jarvis happily rests on Baxter’s pulsing belly as they both lay in front of a warm, flickering fire.

And despite his infancy, the baby boy has formed a beautiful friendship with the wire-haired pooch, one that Gethings frequently documents on Instagram. Hopefully, years from now, a much bigger Jarvis will look at his old friend and say, remember the time we dozed off on my pillow? Or that time we took a gallop around the sand dunes?

But until then, there seems to be many a sweet dreams-filled night ahead in Jarvis’s future. RELATED: Blind Dog and His Guide Brother Find Forever Home