December 21, 2014 12:40 PM

Phil the kitten can literally see the bright future ahead of him thanks to Dr. Martin Coster of Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.

The adorable cat was found living on the streets without any front eyelids, reports His condition is known Agenesis. Agenesis makes it impossible for felines to blink. Without treatment it eventually cause the animal’s eyes to dry out, leading to permanent blindness.

Thankfully, Phil fell into the helping hands of Dr. Coster before it was too late. The homeless kitten was brought into the animal medical center, where Dr. Coster agreed to perform Phil’s much need vision surgery for free. The operation, which usually cost over $1,500, works by taking tissue from the lips and attaching it the muscle that controls blinking.

Phil is now a week out of surgery and doing great. Dr. Coster expects the cat to make a full recovery and maintain full vision for the rest of his nine lives.

Once Phil is fully healed, he will be put up for adoption with his feline friend Vixen at the MSPCA.

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