August 04, 2014 07:00 PM

They’ve probably never seen a diamond in the flesh, and they prefer to cut their teeth on, uh, grass. As for their address, they call the Klingenberg Farms home – how’s that for postcode envy?

So while these cows may never be royals, they were treated to a trombone serenade fit for a king (or, you know, a dairy queen – we’ll be here all night).

Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg performed a decidedly moo-ving cover of Lorde’s Grammy-winning hit, “Royals,” from his pasture-side perch on a lawn chair. (Watch above.) Actually, the cow’s reactions are exactly like the first time you listened to Lorde.

For the initial minute, the cows trickle in, noncommittal, as if to say, “What is this? This is quite interesting and rather good.”

By the second-minute mark, the herd wants to know more. “This is good!” they moo, turning to each other. “We will stop eating grass to listen at once.”

Three minutes in, and there is no turning back. They are Lorde’s biggest fans. (Literally.) They are dueting with Farmer Derek and forming a Lorde cover band. They are making plans to befriend Taylor Swift, just so they could maybe, one day, hear the real deal in person.

On that note, Farmer Derek is totally giving Lorde a run for her money (plus her jet planes, islands and tigers on a gold leash). In fact, you’ll want to check out his other YouTube videos, including a tractor-themed Frozen parody and a farm-onious cover of Pharrell’s “Happy.”

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