The Daily Treat: Family of Geese Stops Traffic on Illinois Interstate

Police helped herd the feathered family off the road to safety Tuesday night

Most of the time, traffic jams are frustrating, inconvenient and redeeming only in the sense that you can sit in your car and listen to Beyoncé.

The bumper-to-bumper grind is almost never described as adorable – though it is when a family of Canada geese is trying to cross the interstate.

Seven geese – two adults and five goslings – disrupted traffic for more than one hour on an Illinois interstate Tuesday night as police escorted them to safety, reports NBC Chicago. (Watch the so-sweet video below.)

Before two police cruisers and a tow truck trailed the waddling cuties to safety, a few compassionate commuters helped herd the birds along.

The geese made their way down the highway’s left shoulder, periodically swaying toward traffic and dodging oncoming cars. Police briefly closed the interstate to guide the geese into the right lane, and were then able to block the geese at a turnaround on the interstate’s right shoulder, where the birds were finally shepherded off the road and into an adjoining neighborhood.

NBC reports that the geese are adjusting to their new digs. However, the feathered family is not staying away from local roads (when will they ever learn?!).

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