The Daily Treat: Double-Amputee Cat Makes Flight of Stairs Look Easy

Boots descends a flight of stairs by executing some amazing 'jumping handstands'

If you think it’s hard to do a handstand, imagine trying to do a handstand while jumping down a flight of stairs.

Meet Boots, a double-amputee miracle cat who figured out how to do just that.

With only two front paws, this feline taught herself how to descend the stairs by going head-first and bouncing up and down on her front paws.

“She had been passed up by other rescue groups because she was missing her rear paws,” her owner Megan Brocato, who adopted her when she was about 5 weeks old, told Buzzfeed. “We believe this was an accident – perhaps she’d been closed in a door, or a recliner, something mechanical.”

Boots was rescued by the Life Is Better Rescue group at just 10 days old and was soon outfitted with prosthetic legs by OrthoPets in Denver, where she continues to receive care to correct her bone development as she grows.

“Life is hard for any orphan kitten, but even harder for a kitten with just two paws,” Brocato explains on her YouTube page. “In our opinion, she is not handicapped in the least bit!”

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