Meet Duncan Lou Who, a 9-month-old boxer who can't be slowed down


Watch this video of a dog enjoying his first day at the beach, and you might not notice anything different at first.

But look a little closer at the excited pup hopping along the sand, and you’ll see that the dog is missing something: back legs.

The 9-month-old boxer named Duncan Lou Who was born with severely deformed rear legs that needed to be removed – but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

“To him, he isn’t any different, this IS his normal,” reads a post on the Facebook page of the Panda Paws Rescue, which cares for the pup. “He has had wheelchairs custom built & he hated them. Rather then using them to support his body, he would lift them up & carry them around. Causing horrible strain on his spine & chest.

“As his forever family, we had to make a choice to force him to use things that make him miserable or let him be. We chose to let him be … and by doing so he has enjoyed each & every day to its fullest!”

The pooch works hard to do what comes easily to other dogs, like running on grass or using stairs, and it appears that each milestone is a part of a greater goal.

“Duncan Lou Who is on a mission,” reads the caption of another video posted on YouTube in November, “to inspire YOU!”

Mission accomplished, Duncan.