See how technology helped Derby test his speed limits and play more than ever

By Kelli Bender
December 18, 2014 06:10 PM

Go, Dog. Go!

Thanks to the advancements in 3-D printing, Derby the dog is faster than ever before.

Derby was born with deformed front legs. While he could still get around, the adorable pooch couldn’t move very quickly.

Tara Anderson met Derby through a rescue group called Peace and Paws and knew instantly she wanted to help this sweet pet.

Anderson, who works for computer manufacturing company 3D Systems, took in Derby as a foster and began working on providing the dog with more mobility. At first, she tried outfitting Derby with a cart, but the device kept him from playing with other pups.

Wanting to give the furry friend a full range of motion, Anderson began working with her company to craft personalized prosthetics for Derby.

With help from her team and an animal orthopedic specialist, Anderson was able to quickly create and print prosthetics that fit Derby’s paws perfectly.

“The first time he was put on them, and he took off running, he was just so happy,” said Derby’s adoptive parent, Sherry Portanova.

Yes, deep inside Derby was a track star waiting to spring into action. Now, the dog spends his day bounding around the yard and running with his new family.

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