The Daily Treat: Cute Dog Models Sunglasses, Our Hearts Explode

The King Charles Cavalier spaniel's windswept looks comes courtesy of stylists … and wind machines

Eyewear designer Karen Walker needed a face for her Summer 2015 campaign, and only one would do – one without teeth and a giant protruding tongue, that is.

Toast, the Insta-famous puppy mill survivor who has more than 160,000 followers and has met countless celebrities, was the natural choice for the new Karen Walker Eyewear collection, says the designer, who’s introducing five new styles with “fearless shapes” and “strong yet dusty” colors.

“We always love it when celebrities wear our glasses but it wasn’t until we first saw this season’s star that we thought there was a celebrity who could actually capture the essence of our brand in a campaign,” Walker says in a statement.

The new campaign features the dog donning sunglasses and looking ever-so-stylish with windswept fur (the look comes courtesy of stylists Hannah Raymond and Gavin Harwin, and some wind machines). It was shot by Tim Schirmacher in New York City last November – and Toast’s tongue is wagging big time now that her first ad campaign is ready for the world to see.

“Karen Walker and her wonderful team have donated generously to @friendsoffinn and are helping us get the word out about puppy mills,” Toast “writes” on Instagram, adding, “None of the photos are photoshopped. I’m just that good.”

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