Were you following Casey’s harrowing saga? Let’s get you up to speed

By Kiran Hefa
Updated November 25, 2013 11:15 PM

If you’ve checked Twitter recently, you’ve probably seen a lot of commotion about the American Music Awards. But among the chatter about Katy Perry’s geisha costume and Justin Timberlake’s many wins, there was an even more important event being live-Tweeted: the saga of #vendingmachinecat.

Late Sunday night, Twitter user June Murph posted a photo of a cat stuck in a vending machine at New Orleans’s Tulane University.

Unsure of how the feline got in there – though she pondered it was “probably trying to steal a candy bar” – June and her friends attempted to lure it out by first using a tuna sandwich, then cat snacks.

When nothing worked, June wrote that representatives from the vending machine company would be arriving in the morning to help free the cat, but, “People are holding vigil” – and thus launched the pray for #vendingmachinecat campaign.

When June went off to bed, friend Michael DeMattia took over live-Tweeting #vendingmachinecat’s whereabouts, including an update that showed it had climbed down from the pretzels tier to the Lunchables.

He also began calling the cat Casey, and shortly after, the feline was freed (see photo at the top of the page).

While it’s unclear what’s next for Casey, it’s safe to say the cat can officially cross “achieve Internet fame” off its bucket list.