This video of A.J. Johnson administering oxygen to Prissy the cat will melt your heart

March 04, 2015 12:35 AM

A warning to firefighter A.J. Johnson: If we should ever cross paths, you’re getting a humongous bear hug from us.

In this video uploaded to YouTube by, the diligent rescue worker is seen administering oxygen to a cat that escaped a house fire (watch until the very end, when Johnson comforts the kitty with gentle strokes to the head).

The cat is named Prissy, and she was one of a handful of pets saved from Verdis Pennington’s Lexington, Kentucky, home of 49 years after it went up in flames last week.

We aren’t the only ones loving his aww-mazing act of compassion: A morning show in Australia interviewed Johnson about the rescue, which had the firefighter and his crew searching through flames for survivors.

“I said ‘Ma’am, What’s important to you? What’s in there [that] you want?’ and she said, ‘My pets,’” Johnson recalled. “So we just started looking for the pets.”

“It was hard to believe that anything could survive in that house,” he added.

Thanks to Johnson and the other firefighters, all of the home’s residents survived, and so did Prissy and a few of her furry friends. The cat is now recovering at the Lexington Humane Society, reports, until she can be reunited with her owners.

The cheeky Aussie interviewer also asked the cute firefighter a very (un)-purr-tinent question: Are you single? Sorry, ladies, the answer is no.

“I do have a lovely wife and she supports me in everything I do,” Johnson said.

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