May 20, 2014 07:45 PM

Igor’s family was leaving on a jet plane to Thailand. They knew when they’d be back again, but the poor little bulldog didn’t.

So the patriarch of the family, from Lillestrom, Norway, decided to do something extra special for their adorable bulldog, who waited for them at a kennel while they vacationed.

He brought home to Igor.

In this YouTube video uploaded by a paint supply company, Igor’s dad, Kai, secretly transforms a dog kennel into a little slice of home – complete with the family’s couch, pillows and pictures lovingly placed throughout – so the pooch will be comforted by familiarity while he’s temporarily living at his home away from home.

“Don’t be sad, Igor,” the dad says (according to the translated text) to the whimpering dog as they pull away from their house. But when he arrives at the boarding kennel, Igor is all kinds of happy – and so is the rest of the family who had no idea what dad was planning.

This right here is an Extreme Makeover: Kennel Edition that Ty Pennington would be proud of.

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