The Daily Treat: Baby Tiger Just Wants to Play with You

The San Francisco Zoo's 2-month-old addition is already earning her stripes

You’re probably already hard at work catching up on all those nitty-gritty things you didn’t do over the weekend.

But if you have a minute, this rare Sumatran tiger cub would love to play with you.

The San Francisco Zoo’s 2-month-old unnamed addition is a bundle of fun – and quite a paw-ful for her mom, a tiger named Leanne, now that she’s allowed out of her cage.

“The cub is so bad, as soon as she sees Leanne coming toward her she takes off,” Corinne MacDonald, the zoo’s curator of carnivores and primates, tells the San Francisco Chronicle. “Just like a little kid wants to go right where Mom doesn’t want her to go.”

Perhaps we could arrange a play date with the Sacramento Zoo’s latest Sumatran tiger cub. Watch: This Tiger is So Invited to Our Next Pool Party

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