The Daily Treat: Baby Panda Meets Mom For the First Time

It was love at first sight for Yuan Yuan and Yuan Zai at the Taipei Zoo

Talk about a happy homecoming! More than a month after her birth, panda cub Yuan Zai was reunited with her mother, Yuan Yuan, at Taiwan’s Taipei Zoo on Tuesday.

Upon birth, Yuan Zai had been slightly injured and required round-the-clock care in an incubator. After 39 days, zookeepers decided she was ready to meet Mom – and it looks like Mom agreed.

Yuan Yuan tenderly played with her baby girl, before later picking her up and breastfeeding her. The pair even fell asleep in each other’s company shortly after.

While zookeepers have yet to determine when Yuan Zai will be permanently reunited with Yuan Yuan, at least now she knows there’s nothing like a mother’s love.

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