The actress rescues an adorable bunny from “the jaws of death”

September 03, 2013 05:00 PM

Cats apparently aren’t the only ones with nine lives.

Actress Melissa Gilbert saved a tiny rabbit from the clutches of her feline, and she plans to nurse the critter back to health.

“Rescued from the jaws of death,” Gilbert, 49, wrote alongside an Instagram photo of the small animal, which she has named Hazel. Cuddling the bunny in another pic, she wrote, “Look what the cat brought in. Going to get her big and strong then release her in the garden.”

Gilbert’s cat Charlie Chaplin was blamed for the bunny heist, and so Hazel is currently residing in a cage for safe keeping.

“Now it’s sleepy time. Puppy to my left, Josephine at my feet, lulu on my pillow and baby Hazel in her cozy cage on the dresser,” she Tweeted Monday. “Night all.”

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