Give your cat some digs that you can be proud of.

By Mary Sheely
Updated December 26, 2008 01:00 PM

It’s a refreshing trend to see products for animals that would fit right in at a modern art opening. Take the Cat Cocoon, for example – this combination toy and retreat for cats has such organic style, art aficionados wouldn’t blink an eye. But the knowledge that your kitty will probably love it is the real selling point.

The Cat Cocoon is made by One Form Design, who describe it as “a lounger, a scratching pod, a playhouse, a secured hiding place, and a piece of sculpture in a room.” The materials are simple – corrugated cardboard and water-based glue. But the pod shape is simple genius. Holes of various size provide places for kitty to play (cat lovers know how much cats like to reach their paws into your drinking glass or under your bathroom door), while the pod itself is a nice place to chill out.

The Cat Cocoon will set you back $279 plus $15 shipping if purchased through the One Form website, where you can also find a list of Cat Cocoon retailers. It seems that even simple genius has its price.