Since Dogs Make Everything Better, There Is Now a Bike Designed to Take Your Dog Anywhere

The bike even comes with a pair of "doggles" to protect your dog's eyes on sunny trips

Walks are great, just ask your dog!

But maybe you and your pooch are looking to mix it up. Enter The BARK bike.

This luxury electric cargo bike was designed to be the perfect way to taxi your dog anywhere safely.

Don’t worry about pedal power, because this bike has a 500w electric motor which makes riding easy and sweat-free.

The rest of the pup-centered perks of this bike, which is outfitted with a large cargo box for your dog to ride in, include a soft, comfy cushion for your dog’s rump, a front door that allows canines to enter and exit the box easily, and plenty of storage for all of your dog’s travel treats.

Bark bike
Courtesy BARK
Bark bike
Courtesy BARK

The BARK bike also includes a pair of “Doggles” – bike googles made just for dogs so their eyes stay protected on sunny trips.

BARK and Bunch Bikes partnered together to create this ride, inspired by vintage motorcycles, which is available now on for $3,495.

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