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Many offices offer perks to their employees: gym memberships, foosball tables, slides, snacks.

But some freebies are more coveted than others. If you are an animal lover, the dream is to work in a pet-friendly office, where you and your co-workers don’t have to leave furry best friends at home. Instead, cats and dogs can come into your cubicle, nap at your feet and perhaps copyedit your work.

Sadly, not all companies can offer these pet perks, leaving many of us waiting until Take Your Dog to Work Day rolls around. To help you on your next job hunt, Fortune made a list of the most pet-friendly companies on the scene right now.

Take a look and get your resume ready.


While this company does not allow dogs in the office, it does provide amazing discounts on doggie daycare and insurance. Genetech also has a dog lovers club, which offers fun events, free resources and connections to other animal lovers companywide.


Employees of this hotel chain are encouraged to bring their pets to work. And if workers don’t have pets of their own, they can enjoy the on-site dogs that reside at many Kimpton hotels. The company also provides pet insurance, time off for the loss of a pet and on-site amenities for visiting animals.

Atlantic Health

This hospital chain allows employees to bring pets to work, and has its own animal-appreciation program. Atlantic Health’s Soothing Paws program provides therapy dogs to patients and recently extended the program, so now therapy animals can visit workers as well.


The San Francisco-based company takes pet appreciation to a new level. Not only does the software company allow animals in the office, it also has a special office made just pets. Employees who bring their furry friends to work can sign up to work in the dog-centric space which features soundproof walls, water bowls, cages, dog beds and more. Workers also get discounts on pet insurance, pet day care and dog walking.


It makes sense this pet food company is one of the most animal-friendly places around. Mars workers are allowed to bring their pets into the office, and often receive discounts on pet care when they are traveling for work. Mars also makes a point to offer regular volunteer projects that help animal causes.


Google’s love for dogs is written into the company’s code of conduct. Frequent doggie visitors get their own badges and enjoy a visit to the company’s dog-themed cafe.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

This company almost loves dogs as much as bears. Employees are allowed to bring their pups into work, and the company will even throw birthday parties for frequent pup visitors. Workers all have access to a canine concierge service which provides spa services and play dates to pups.


Dogs don’t only get to come to work, they also get an annual party every year at the Workday offices.


To ensure everyone is happy, Autodesk provides a workspace that allows dogs, but also offers space to those with allergies. In addition, the company provides pet insurance for almost any kind of animal.


This software company started a program for employees to bring their pets into the office after a deputy general counsel noticed how animals in the office increased cross-department interaction. Now all workers have to do is sign an etiquette agreement and they can bring in their pets whenever they please.


This company provides on-site psychologists, many of whom have canine assistants. These pups make sure everyone stays happy and calm during the work day.

Activision Blizzard

Over 397 dogs visit this company regularly with their working pet parent. The gaming company also provides an annual Pet Parent Day, where animal owners can get free health screenings for their furry friends and discounted insurance.