Made with all-natural organically grown catnip, fresh beets and more, Apollo Peak cat wine is the brainchild of “Cat Guy” Brandon Zavala

By Amy Jamieson
Updated June 21, 2016 03:05 PM
Apollo Peak

The couch and a glass of wine — it’s not just for humans anymore.

A company in Denver, Colorado, has launched a wine specifically formulated for cats — no alcohol, of course — so you and your favorite feline can curl up with a glass of vino anytime you feel like it.

Made with all-natural organically grown catnip, fresh beets and natural preservatives, Apollo Peak all-natural cat wine is the brainchild (brainkitten?) of founder and CEO Brandon Zavala, who tells PEOPLE the idea started out as a joke.

“I’ve usually been known to my close friends as the Cat Guy,” he says in an email. “I slapped a Pinot Meow label on several real bottles of wine and took to an annual trip as gifts. After hearing how great the idea was, I thought to myself, ‘why isn’t there a wine for cats?!’ The rest is history.”

There are currently two varieties of the wine, The Pinot Meow and the Moscato, available for purchase online, starting at $4.95 for a 1.6 ounce bottle.

While sales started slow in November of 2015, they have spiked exponentially over the past five days thanks to lots of media coverage. So much Pinot Meow is flying off the shelves, the company has already tripled their 6 month sales, Zavala says.

“The media blitz has been intense!” he adds. “We are loving the fame and the fact that the world loves this idea is so great to see. I worked tirelessly to make this happen and practically ended my own social life. Who knew that The Pinot Meow might become a household name.”

Cats are even talking about the stuff right meow.

“Our initial trials and tests were great,” Zavala tells PEOPLE. “Some cats went absolutely nuts for it, some scoffed at it (typical, right?) and others seemed to enjoy it so much they decided to squat next to it like a human taking their time to enjoy it.”

To buy some online or find a supplier near you, click here.