Louis is a 6-year-old Persian that already has 4,000 Instagram followers

By Kelli Bender
May 31, 2019 03:35 PM

The Internet recently lost one of its original animal influencers. Grumpy Cat died on May 14 due to complications from a urinary tract infection.

The Grumpy Cat is gone, but there are other frowning felines out there. One in particular is catching the attention of animal lovers.

Louis out of Austin, Texas, is being heralded as the new Grumpy Cat thanks to the permanent pout on his orange and white face.

The Persian pussy cat already has an Instagram account, which he shares with his kitty roommate Monae, that has over 4,000 followers — and it is growing fast.

According to Caters, Louis’ frown isn’t caused by a genetic mutation, like Grumpy Cat’s was, it’s just how his Persian face is set.


The 6-year-old cat is actually a big sweetheart, according to his owner — he even tolerates being picked on by his feline friend Monae.

“When we got Monae she was a baby and Louis was a full-grown cat, and yet she bullied him for two months straight,” Michelle Alexis, Louis’ owner, told Caters. “She even tackles and picks at him, but really she loves him. Louis is now referred to as the ‘new Grumpy Cat,’ but he is actually very sweet, happy and playful.”

Louis adores chasing lasers and getting head scratches, among other hobbies. You can follow his rise to fame on Instagram @LouisandMonae.