Texas Emergency Room Gives a 12-Year-Old Zoo Tortoise a CT Scan: 'The Most Amazing Patient'

Ripley, an Aldabra tortoise, visited a Texas emergency room for the procedure after "showing some signs of discomfort in her back left leg," according to the Abilene Zoo

Photo: My Emergency Room 24/7/Facebook

A 12-year-old tortoise was the center of attention Thursday during a special visit to a Central Texas emergency room.

Ripley, an Aldabra tortoise that lives at the Abilene Zoo, was taken to My Emergency Room 24/7 in Abilene this week after she began "showing some signs of discomfort in her back left leg," according to a post on the zoo's Facebook page.

"Initial checks did not reveal anything," the zoo said. "So to take a deeper dive into her diagnosis, we needed to get a CT scan."

The zoo shared photos from Ripley's "unique procedure," which included shots of the reptile being transported and the procedure itself.

"Thanks to My Emergency Room 24/7," the zoo wrote in the caption of its Facebook post, later adding, "We LOVE the community and all the help they offer us!"

Zoo caretakers recently noticed Ripley, who weighs in at 176 lbs., was experiencing discomfort with one of her feet, according to KTAB.

However, the zoo was not equipped with the proper equipment to assess Ripley's condition, leading to Thursday's trip to the emergency room, per the report.

My Emergency Room 24/7/Facebook

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KTAB shared footage on YouTube from portions of the CT scan, including shots of Ripley going in and out of the machine and riding through the facility in a large tan-colored tub.

Ripley received a mild sedative prior to the procedure, the station reported.

My Emergency Room also shared photos of the experience on its Facebook page and included messages of gratitude for Ripley.

"We had the most amazing patient today!! Thank you Abilene Zoo for trusting us with your friend, Ripley!" My Emergency Room captioned their post.

With the procedure now complete, veterinarians at the zoo will assess Ripley's test results and monitor her condition. They will also create a treatment plan to help Ripley recover.

Clay Carabajal, the supervisor of conservation for the Abilene Zoo, told KTAB that the zoo "received amazing help" after asking for support for Ripley, adding that the zoo "cannot do these things without our community."

"The community of Abilene is an amazing community; the entire big country," Carabajal said. "They support the Abilene Zoo, and every time we need something, they're there for us. And My Emergency Room is a prime example of that."

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