November 29, 2016 02:13 PM

Home for the holidays — the sentiment is suddenly more important for brothers Jorge, Jacob and Santiago Hernandez of Houston, Texas, whose dog was stolen from their porch early on Monday morning.

KTRK reports that the heartbroken dog owners are offering their earnings and Christmas money — which total $100 — as a reward for the return of their 9-month-old dog Toby.

Surveillance footage obtained by the station shows a man covering his head with a jacket before swiping the Yorkie Maltese mix’s dog carrier from their porch and fleeing the scene in a car.

“I never expected something to happen like that,” Jacob, 13, said.

“[I] thought maybe they’d take a bike,” added Santiago, 8. “Not Toby.”

KTRK said the boys’ parents filed a police report with the Houston Police Department, but they were told that cases like this are difficult to solve.

The brothers saved money this summer in order to buy the pup, who they already consider a “brother,” according to Jorge, 17.

“That dog — not only was he like a member of the family, it was pretty pricey to get him,” Jorge said. “How could somebody be that heartless?”

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