The new feature allows Tesla drivers to set a comfortable temperature for their pets before leaving the vehicle

March 11, 2019 04:50 PM

As temperatures rise, so do the number of incidents involving pets left in hot cars.

Leaving your pet in the car for a few minutes may seem harmless to some, but the temperatures inside a car parked in the heat — even those parked in the shade — rise quickly the second the vehicle turns off. Pets left behind in hot cars, have to endure temperatures well over 100 degrees that can lead to illness and death. The danger hot cars pose to pets has led some states to pass laws that allow passersby to breaking a vehicle’s window to rescue an animal stuck inside.

To keep drivers from putting their pets and car windows in danger, Tesla has introduced “Dog Mode.” The automotive company unveiled the upcoming feature on Twitter with an adorable video.

The clip shows a driver switching on “Dog Mode,” which allows Tesla owners to set a comfortable temperature for their pet before leaving the car. While the owner is away, the car stays climate controlled and displays a message on the vehicle’s large center screen letting passersby know the temperature inside and that the owner will be back soon.

Tesla co-founder, Elon Musk, responded to the tweet to let Tesla owners know that pets are always protected in Tesla cars, even without this new feature.

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“This is in addition to existing Cabin Overheat Protection, which come on automatically at high temps to ensure any babies or pets in the car are safe,” reads Musk’s comment.

Even if you own a Tesla with “Dog Mode,” the safest way to protect your pet from dangerous tempratures is to leave them at home, or only bring them on errands where they can accompany you inside.


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