June 22, 2016 08:51 PM

An animal rescue group says a dog is baking in the hot summer sun, day in and day out.

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue of Knoxville, Tennessee, approached the Bradley County dog’s owner, according to ABC News 9, who reported the story, about a photo circulating on Facebook which shows the canine outside its home, sitting in a small wire crate.  Neighbors tell the station the dog sits in the cage, in the heat, all day long.

“We all have pets and we love our dogs like they’re family, and this dog is clearly not being cared for. This dog is being kept outside in a tiny crate the size of its body,” Chattanooga resident, Vanessa Curley, told News 9.

“Being in a crate out in this heat is not right. It’s not the thing for her,” said Carla Welch of Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue.

The owner of the dog has a different take.

“She’s not beaten. She’s not starved. None of that. So, I can’t leave her in the cage outside when I leave?” the owner said.

News 9 reports that the rescue group asked the owner if they could take the dog from her.

“No, you’re not gonna take my [expletive] dog. I’ve paid 500 dollars for my dog,” the owner said, who later made the news crew and concerned citizens leave the property.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson told ABC News 9 that deputies followed up on the situation and found the dog had adequate water, food and shelter. They instructed the animal rescue group to file a court order instead.

According to a Facebook post shared by Welch, the group is determined to make a change for this dog.

“While we were at the residence begging for the dog, I had one of our pit crew at the court house filing a criminal summons,” Welch wrote. “We will not stop until this poor dog is safe. I will announce the court date for any concerned citizen that would like to attend.”


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