A police officer brought the stuck puppy to the Chattanooga Fire Department, so firefighters could carefully cut the bottle off the dog's head
puppy with head stuck in bottle rescued
Credit: Chattanooga Fire Department

The Chattanooga Fire Department took part in a strange yet sweet puppy rescue on Sunday.

According to a Facebook post from the Tennessee fire department, a Chattanooga police officer brought a puppy to one of their fire stations after finding the confused tan dog with his head stuck in a large blue bottle.

"Puppy rescue! This little guy was recently brought to one of our fire halls with his head stuck in a bottle, and firefighters carefully cut him out to free him," the fire department wrote on Facebook.

The Chattanooga Fire Department also shared photos from the rescue. The shots include a picture of the firefighters gingerly sawing into the bottle around the puppy's head and another that shows the little dog free from the bottle and cuddling with his heroes.

"Glad he's ok!" the fire department added in their post.

Animal lovers shared their appreciation for the fire department's animal rescue efforts in the Facebook post's comments.

"Great job by all!!" shared one commenter, while another wrote, "Thank you for rescuing this puppy. You guys rock!"

After the rescue, the puppy was taken to a local animal shelter, where the staff put him up for adoption, per WCRBtv.

Another commenter on the Chattanooga Fire Department's Facebook post about the rescue claimed she adopted the pup.

"I adopted him," Amy McBryar wrote. "His name is George!

"Thank you for giving him a good home!" the fire department responded.