Delicate custom-made tree houses will have cats crawling toward the ceiling

Did you hear that one about the cat that got stuck in a tree? Well, maybe if its owner had a fun tree house, that wouldn’t have happened! We all know cats love to climb, and what better way to let your indoor cats get a leg up – and have a taste of the great outdoors – than with a tree house. We’re absolutely loving this gorgeous multi-tiered version – standing 7 ft. tall! – on sale at for $875. Custom-made using wood, carpeting and synthetic silk leaves, it gives your felines ample room to roam when they’re feeling frisky.

We know money doesn’t grow on trees, so check out the company’s other designs at various price points (and less towering heights) to satisfy even the pickiest of kitties. They offer a good-sized scratching tree for just $89.