Swiping your food? Chomping on shoes? Tell us your pet’s terrible transgressions!

By People Staff
June 22, 2009 04:31 PM

Halloween is months away but we’ve been feeling especially wicked this week – and, clearly, so have your pets! We posted your mischievous animals on PEOPLE Pets today and on Twitter we asked you to tell us some of the most evil things your pets have ever done. Boy, did you send us some shockers!

“During the winter my dog brought a frozen horse ‘muffin’ in the house [and] was playing with it like a ball! ‘YUCK,’” said a Tweet from luv_countrylife.

Another offender: a rabbit named Rooney. “Our rabbit Rooney has chewed GHD cable, TV cable and computer cables!” wrote ladyfi21. And there’s more than one evildoer in that house: “Flopsy got out of cage at granny’s and ate her plants!”

Even a cat confessed to a messy transgression: “I once managed to barf on (1) keyboard (2) phone (3) shredder (4) bedspread (5) boxspring and (6) carpeting in one shot.” Thanks for sharing, Mulder_Cat – doesn’t it feel good to get that off your chest?

Tell us: What’s the most mischievous thing your pet has ever done? Share it with us on Twitter or leave a comment below!

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