Let’s help the First Dog enjoy his first White House Christmas!

By Helin Jung
December 16, 2009 07:00 PM

When Oprah visited the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama told Oprah that the First Dog had his very own stocking. “Santa loves Bo, too!” We never doubted that!

But Mrs. Obama didn’t tell us what Bo would be getting in his stocking, but we know for sure it won’t be coal – so let’s play Santa and fill Bo’s stocking! We’ll get started with a small list, but you guys have to tell us how to fill up the rest.

Gingerbread Holiday Buddy Biscuits
Bo may be the star of the 390-lb. White House gingerbread house, but he’s probably not going to get to eat any of it. That’s okay – he’ll enjoy these all-natural gingerbread-flavored biscuits in the shape of gingerbread men!

Hydrangea Seersucker Dog Collar
It isn’t quite seasonal, but this hydrangea-bedecked collar will be perfect for Bo’s upcoming Hawaiian vacation, and will recall all the dried hydrangeas on the White House Christmas trees (Oprah was obsessed!).

Beefy Brown Ale
It wouldn’t be a First Dog’s life if Bo couldn’t pop open a cold one with the President over the holidays!

Customized Christmas Stockings
Is giving a dog stocking-shaped treats in his Christmas stocking too meta? Nah. As long as it tastes like treats, it won’t be!

Globe Dog Toy
To remind Bo that his parents may be away sometimes traveling the world, but they’ll always come home!

Treats? Toys? What should Santa put in Bo’s stocking? Tell us in the comments below!