Lulu the Yorkshire terrier survived the bird attack without sustaining serious injuries

February 19, 2019 04:24 PM

Lulu, the 2-lb. Yorkshire terrier puppy, has four paws planted firmly on the ground thanks to her 15-year-old owner.

According to KSNV, Cecilia Celis thought her two Yorkshire terriers were just play fighting outside her family’s Las Vegas home when she heard them barking excitedly, but when she looked outside she saw something unexpected and frightening.

“I just look outside. We see a huge bird fly up, and I yell at the bird, ‘Get off my dog! Get off my dog!’ ” the teen told the NBC affiliate.

The large bird, which UPI has identified as a hawk, had its talons around Lulu and was trying to fly off with the canine.

After taking in the shocking sight, Celis acted fast. She grabbed a pillow and ran outside to save her dog from the bird attack. Security footage from the teen’s  backyard shows her hitting the bird with a pillow several times before the feathered attacker finally gives up and leaves.

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Lulu was rushed to the vet immediately after she escaped the bird’s talons. Thanks to Celis’s quick reaction, Lulu suffered no serious injuries from her bird encounter and is expected to make a full recovery.

Celis told KVVU that her family believes the bird might be someone’s pet. The scary incident, the teen said, has taught her that she always needs to keep an eye on her pets, even when they are in the backyard.

“At first, we thought our backyard was the safest place for them,” Celis said. “But now we have to keep the door open, just in case. And then we stay out here and watch them. We have to keep an eye on them the whole time.”

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