May 09, 2017 02:36 PM

It was certainly a walk to remember.

Who knew caps and gowns came in canine sizes?

An Arkansas teen named Tyler McCready recently accepted his high school diploma with his dog Sinatra by his side, and both graduates wore bright red caps and gowns.

According to CBS Philly, which reported the story, Sinatra is McCready’s diabetic alert dog, meaning he’s trained to notify his owner of low or rising blood sugar levels.

McCready’s father said the dog, who attended all classes with his son at Rose Bud High School, deserved academic accolades.

“That dog needs a PhD. He will call him and alert him to let him know his sugar is dropping. Usually, the dog is quicker than his diabetic equipment,” he said.

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Sinatra had special fittings for his canine cap and gown. “His first one came in and it was little small, so we had to get it redone, but they got it done pretty fast,” Tyler told CBS Philly.

McCready told the station that both he and his dog have big plans for the future: they’re hoping to head to Florida’s Full Sail University in the fall.

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