The actor’s dog is obsessed with treats

By Mary S. Park
Updated March 31, 2011 08:00 PM

Ted Danson’s pug, Roxy, is on a relentless quest for treats.

“I guess it’s her obsession with food that amuses me and irritates me the most,” the actor told at Green Auction: Bid to Save the Earth at Christie’s on Tuesday.

Roxy, who Danson shares with wife Mary Steenburgen, even tries to trick her family into giving her more than they normally would. “I made the mistake of giving her a treat after she went out to the bathroom outside,” Danson said. “Now, she doesn’t even bother going to the bathroom, she runs out and comes back in and waits for a treat. Smart dog.”

But she isn’t just interested in food: “She has a lot of personality,” Danson said. “She’s funny. She’s getting old, a little slower, a little deafer, a little blinder, but lives the life. She turns into a puppy when it’s chow time, so that’s got to be a good sign.”

Roxy, Danson and Steenburgen share their household with two other pets. “We have Arthur, who’s a miniature Australian Shepherd, and Lulu, who we saved on a roadside in Mexico and smuggled across [the border].”